About us

StakingRewards.com is the market leader for staking data and research. We are building the next generation staking explorer for the rapidly growing $300B+ staking industry, used by more than 400k investors, analysts and crypto community members worldwide. Our mission is to make staking transparent for everyone to earn passive income and secure decentralization.

We are a fast growing team (3 to ~15 in a year) working remotely from all across Asia, Europe and the Americas. We cherish working on our unique data-driven products that are being used by the likes of Coinbase and Bitcoin Suisse. We have built a strong, established brand that is recognized by industry leaders and regularly featured in outlets such as CoinDesk and Forbes.

We are backed by some of the world's best investors (Galaxy Digital, Coinshares, Digital Currency Group (DCG)) and we are confident to become a unicorn within the next three years.

We are now at a crucial stage in our journey as the activity in staking is exploding, and we strive for excellence in execution of our next growth steps. There are a ton of challenges facing us. However, with the right mindset, strategy, and the world-class team that we’re building, we know we can push forward.

About the role

As the Senior Research Analyst you will research and conceptualize token (staking) economics of the leading Proof-of-Stake protocols. You will dive deep into inflation schedules, protocol revenues, and the validator landscape in order to model historical and expected staking returns of assets, as well as respective staking providers. You will also develop entirely new financial metrics & models and breakdown and improve our current processes.

You will source blockchain, and Web3 APIs in order to build data aggregation pipelines, together with the software engineers, for the underlying research. You will analyze & maintain our existing dataset to help Staking Rewards to achieve 100% data accuracy and liveness.

You will work within a staking research team of 5, and collaborate with the Data & Software Engineering team to research, aggregate, and adequately present premium staking data on StakingRewards.com. You will write research analysis and reports to provide actionable insights and advice.

This role is very statistical and technical, so be prepared to dive deep. The environment is highly dynamic, which is an opportunity for you to truly move the needle. We expect a high standard of execution.

Ultimately you will own all your researched formulas, data & sources at Staking Rewards.

About you

You have 5 years + professional experience in any financial research-related role. You have strong mathematical skills in order to model complex staking economics.

You have an in-depth understanding of the DeFi/Staking world, and are optimally experienced in blockchain data aggregation & analysis. Experience with general Data Science Concepts and development of blockchain data bots are a big plus.

You are an operative doer and are eager to jump in to kick things off. Get your hands dirty.

What we offer

We'll pay top of market depending on seniority (we're looking for senior/lead) and are offering equity options, for a right fit.

Fully remote work. We trust you to do great work - when and where you want. No fixed hours, no cap on vacation. Just get the job done.

You'll get the best tech & equipment. Just tell us what you need. Can be very specific, too.

You'll be part of a perfectly positioned powerhouse in the crypto space. This is the ideal role to build your personal brand in the space. If you grow with us now we guarantee you'll get very attractive offers from other crypto companies down the line.

But we’ll make sure you will want to stay with us, anyways.

How to apply

No lengthy process, just send your social accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, ...), your portfolio or personal website, or your CV and tell us why you want to work for Staking Rewards. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

The hiring process

  1. You send us your application
  2. We schedule a screening interview
  3. Screening Interview with one of our team members (30 min)
  4. Top grading interview with CEO or CTO (60 min)
  5. Focused peer interview with future team member you would be working closely with (30-45 min)
  6. You give us a contact as a reference that we will reach out to
  7. You will receive our offer
  8. Congratulations, you're part of a very exclusive team now! 🚀